Review of Twilight: The Movie

So, I’ve just gotten home from seeing the movie Twilight, based on the Tween novels by Stephanie Meyer and I’m not too embarrased to say that though I am turning 28- I did enjoy the entire series.  I’ve also read ALL of the Harry Potter books, so if you have a problem with this- go ahead and raspberry yourself 🙂

I would give this movie 3 out of five stars.  It was a pretty typical teeny bopper movie- with the exception that the sexual tension was ENORMOUS!  I had heard that parents are praising this series for their daughters because ultimatly the main characters wait until they are married to have sex, but if you were to apply this scenario to real life- I promise some very sore very blue ……. (you finish the statement).

The soundtrack is quite nice, not too sugary, and I’m still not too sure how I feel about the actors, but I will give Catherine Hardwick some major Kudos for one thing.  By far of all of the movies I’ve seen made from books, this one actually stayed pretty true to the story and time line of the novel!  If you enjoyed the book, then you will enjoy this movie, just please remember this is meant for tweens- don’t expect too much 😉


One thought on “Review of Twilight: The Movie

  1. Sarah says:

    Yeah, its definitely a teeny bopper movie, did they squeal when Edward Cullen walked on screen for the first time? They sure did in my theater!!!

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