Book Review- Plague Ship (Oregon Files Series #5)

Here is the publishers blurb, as posted on Barnes & Noble’s web site 😀

“Cussler and coauthor Du Brul (Skeleton Coast) lurch through Cussler’s latest high-tech fantasy, dropping dozens of subplots into a blender and printing the result. The chief threat? Bad guys intent on sterilizing half the world use a trendy zero population/family planning group as cover. Into the breach steps Juan Cabrillo, his supership Oregon, and his loyal cast of special-ops wizards. Did I mention Noah’s Ark? So does Cussler. Readers will ask for him by name, so buy accordingly. [See Prepub Alert, ZLJ2/1/08.]”

Sooooo, yeah.  This novel was a lot like all of Clive Cussler’s other ones, since he hasn’t deviated from his winning formula no matter who the main characters are.  The most entertaining thing about this (and most of his novels) for me is that whatever fantastical plot he has going with all of the improbable twists and turns, the entire series of events is entirely plausible!  I mean, think about it- especially with this series- what would a modern day mercenary outfit with limitless resources and redonkulousgovernment connection look like in this day and age?  At least this series doesn’t have Juan Cabrillo screwing his way through the missions and all of the high tech descriptions, though tedious at times, do make for a fabulous mental picture.

All in all I’ll give this one a 3 out of 5 for being exactly what I expected and brightening my commuter for a week 😀


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