Career Amnesia

Happy Monday to one and all and I already want to shoot my peers.  My subordinates and superiors are actually pretty OK today, but my peers have serious sniffed the dumb-ass glue on this fine gray morning!  I’m definitely back in the world of do I want to be here?  This is absolutely not what I thought I’d be doing when I got that rather costly Bachelors of Arts Degree, but I’ve been drinking the Kool-Aid; I’ll admit it!  I had it in my head, especially with the rather shaky job market that a career in a good company might just be worth the trouble of being surrounded by idiots, but I’m not so sure at this moment. 

The question honestly becomes- if EVERYONE around you is expecting you to be the only inovative thinker and the only person who can solve a problem- WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY BEING PAID FOR!  One person cannot solve every problem and NO- just because you don’t feel like you should have to help does not mean that the problem will not fall in your lap (ESPECIALLY IN A HOTEL!).  And when you are on the phone with someone who is trying to tell you something that could piss off an already irate Groom and you don’t want to listen- I promise there will be spit in your eye if you try to throw that crap back to me! 

My former career ambitions have been varied and exciting.  When I was a little girl- I wanted to be Jem, from Jem and the Holograms.  When I was a teenager- I wanted to be a writer and a journalist (I still feel a kinship to these, but am not as active as I once was).   When I was in college- I decided that I wanted to be an intelligence analyst for the government, but that didn’t work out.  SO here I am wiping the asses of the people around me because they don’t understand the concept that if you are unsure- ASK THE F’ING QUESTION and then LEARN from the situation. 

Most of the things that I deal with are repetative and I promise- my staff is not that big.  I would replace them ALL in a heartbeat with a crew straight out of 1935- at least then they underst00d that they were employees in a company to work and to continue to have a job by improving the company!  Crazy idea of a vicious circle a la Ayn Rand 😀

Some part of the concept of having a work ethic and taking their heads out of their asses was lost on my generation and I am honestly afraid that I am the blind leading the deaf in this case………….

My new dream:  I am OK with being independently wealthy even if that means I have to marry rich, but I would like to find a city- maybe not too big and open up a bar.  It would be a simple bar that focused on live music as entertainment and a homey feel a la Cheers.  I would even hire my brother to be the Bar Manager (if I could tempt him away from San Diego).  I’ve come to terms with the idea that the grand dreams of childhood will not happen, but I’ll be damned if I give up on the idea that I will be happy in my chosen profession!  Part of that is determining when I will call it quits I guess.


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