Kings of Leon: Only By the Night

I will again refer to my only 2 readers by saying that they are tired of me talking about this album already and I only picked it up on Saturday ūüėÄ

My brother had told me to get this a while back when it first came out, but I didn’t exactly have any disposable income so I didn’t download it until Saturday, but by golly have I been wearing it out since then!¬† Track number one is still my favorite, but the entire album just flows fantastically.¬† After thinking long and hard about what I liked soooooo much, I came to two conclusions:

1. They have a unique sound-¬†Caleb Followill’s¬†vocals are, I hesitate to say heartfelt, but meaningful?¬† I’m not too sure how to describe it, but whether it’s the lyrics or just the fact that you can almost picture him losing his shit on stage while they are playing the song- they rock.

2. Syncopation- I’m a total sucker for a good¬†beat and the¬†Nathan Followill¬†is great.¬† Mix that with the rest of the composition and it really doesn’t matter to me that there are moments when I really have NO idea what the lyrics are because I’m absolutely engrossed in the progression of the beat.

3. Rhythm Period-¬† I wish that I were more of a musician to be able to tell which part of the whole each member of this family contributed, but whatever their formula is, they have perfected it.¬† With the first album of theirs I picked up after a show at 9:30 Club, I was impressed, but followed up by Because of the Times and Only By the Night, I will absolutely pick-up whatever they put out next because I’m sure it won’t be a disappointment.¬† I usually only say that about Radiohead, even though I was a bit put off by Kid A.

Yes, I’m probably not the leading authority on music for anyone except myself, but I haven’t fallen for an album this hard in ages.¬† Depending upon how long it can withstand me wearing out every song, I may have to put it up into the same category as Alice in Chains Dirt.¬† I’ll keep you posted!


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