I want to cry.  I’ve just sent out a notice to my entire staff that they have screwed up a system that they’ve had COUNTLESS training classes on for the past 5 years.  I have done one on one training, I have asked them repeatedly- WHAT DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND? And yet we find ourselves here.  I’m frustrated and I’m upset that the other employees who the clients are yelling at are getting frustrated and I honestly want to slap these women.  These women whose attitude is- OH That’s not my job!  Well to this I say FUCK YOU ALL. 

This rant applies to any industry in the world and hospitality in particular- If you EVER find yourself saying, thinking, or in a situation where the words- That’s not my job- come out of your mouth, then you should quit.  JUST leave and find a job that you enjoy because you are doing your current employeer ABSOLTLY NO GOOD with that attitude. 

Have you ever wondered why people hate going to the DMV or to the Social Security Offices?  They hate it because the customer service sucks, but also because they do not show up in a prepared state.  If you are going to do something, then do everything in your power to do it right the first time!

OK- I cannot do anything more that prepare a training presentation for the morning and restate- I need to change careers.


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