Random Scene: Remy

Remy St. Jean drove down the deserted highway with the windows down and the hot wind of the South roughly caressing his face.  The mid-afternoon sun was beating down on the driver’s side, tanning only his left arm, which his sister very lovingly calls his trucker tan.  He didn’t mind the name calling- he was free to roam through the highways and by-ways and got paid to do this, so he usually just lets her laugh.  She wouldn’t be laughing if she knew what he was really doing.

Remy was, for all intents and purposes, a gopher to an eccentric woman out of Lafayette, who had him driving all over God’s green earth to deliver trinkets to her friends.  At least, he thought that he was delivering trinkets.  He’d never actually looked into the packages since they were wrapped in brown paper and tied with twine every time.  For the past 6 months Remy had been putting miles on his already ancient black 1959 El Camino, with the chrome batwing and trim.  The car was his baby and it had nearly killed him to refurbish it without an authentic engine, but there simply wasn’t one to be had.  That alone had kill a lot of its value as a classic, but that car was the most beautiful girl in Remy’s world.

Today’s passenger was a tiny box, no bigger than a biscuit, but it smelled something awful!  Not even the open window could mute that onerous musk emanating from his passenger seat.  All that he could do was light another cigarette (Camel’s preferred) and continue on his way.  The sky up ahead was getting pretty black with storm clouds that sent a shiver up his spine and made his foot a little heavier on the gas peddle.  Over the past 5 years he had experienced more than his fair share of Tornados and was not looking forward to another run-in, especially not if his Baby Jane would be in danger (Baby Jane is his car’s name).

He was almost at the end of his driving directions and had no idea where he was other than the obvious middle of nowhere.  Once he’d gotten off of highway 64, the world turned back about a century and he was expecting to see a horse drawn carriage pretty soon, but all he saw was sunshine and pollen floating lazily across the highway as he drove on.


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