Bloc Party: Intimacy

The newest Bloc Party album is one of those creations that you will continue to rotate through your playlists for years to come.  Having first been introduced to this band by an Irishman that my mother knows when he let me upload a copy of A Weekend in the City (after which I promptly bought a copy of Silent Alarm), I didn’t realize that they were an “art-house” sort of band. 

The driving beats almost make you forget that they are not a truly guitar driven rock band, but an intriguing mix of dance (processed) beats and samples with layers of instrumental tracks.  Since I am not a producer of any sort- this effect and the extreme pace of tracks like Talons just gets my blood pumping.  I am not a dancer either, but I would get onto a dance floor for all but 2 tracks on this album. 

The 2 acoustic tracks are like a necessary break in the 5-k run that is Bloc Party and what a break it is!  A friend of mine spent a good 10 minutes LMAO when I described the acoustic version of Talons as, “sex on a stick” but the base mixed with the rhythm and arrangement…………. don’t tell me you haven’t thought about it 😉

I am really looking forward to seeing what this group puts out next because they seem to be evolving with each album at a very good pace.  I’m not talking about the 180 degree about-faces that Thom York is famous for, but a sense of taking their music to the next step, but not the one that is expected of them.  OK- so that sounds corny, but I’m not sure how to describe this.  All I can say for certain is that I categorize Bloc Party as one of my 6 mph bands.  If you are on one of those weird eliptical stair machines and listening to any of their albums, I guarantee that you are going at least 6mph or faster.


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