Untitled: 1998

As I read through these before posting them- I’m thinking that had I been a teenager in the 80’s I would totally have had a Siouxsie and the Banshees sticker on my Trapper Keeper 😉

And my world will grow-
change, expand,
But I stay in a shell,
my heart in hand.
What awaits is unknown,
But still I see,
the person I was,
wasn’t me.
How long will it last?
This freedom of
Will I shut off one day?
Internally die?
Or maybe I won’t speak
through words
only my eyes.
To live is to be,
To die, not to see.
When the world ends
I hope to be dead
Then I won’t see
All of my love,
My world,
burning before me.

CSHL, 1998


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