Darious: CSHL, 2004

If you know what this was an attempt at, I’d thank you to not be mean.

Darious 2004

V1- a

A-I’ve felt you for years

B-the back of my mind

C-I’d ask why you hid

A-Can’t confront my fears

B-Your ghost in my mind

C-So why do you hide

D-Can’t go on like this

D-I still need your kiss

V2- a

A-You live in my dreams

B-I don’t want to sleep

C-Invading my soul

A-Tearing at the seams

B-I’ll sow what I reap

C-You will not control

D-You will not be missed

D-You will not be kissed

V3- b

A-I’ve convinced myself you’re gone

B-You invade my soul once more

C-I can’t continue like this

D-It probably never was

A-I can’t believe you’re the one

B-You make me feel like a whore

C-It’s you I don’t what to miss

D-Know it wasn’t meant to be

V4- a

A-I believe that one day

B-That space I will fill

C-No longer empty

A-I’ll say come what may

B-It’s me you won’t kill

C-someone will tempt me

D-Out of the darkness

D-and into the light


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