In Dreams: CSHL, 2000

I dreamed of you last night.
Your arms encircling me,
Your breath on my neck.
And when we kissed,
Such sweet honey were your lips,

That my legs disappeared,
And I melted into your arms.

I thought of you last night.
Of a bliss that will not be,
Of a love I cannot have,
Of desire unrequited.
And I savored that kiss,
which you let slip into my dream.
I relished the thought of your arms,
Fending off the world,
Wrapping around me,
Away from harsh reality.

I remembered you last night,
The bond we once shared,
The words still unspoken,
A friendship lost in time.
And I realized our booth is empty,
The coffee is getting cold.
My love for you has not died,
Though distance cools it some.
So I dream at night,
Mourning what could have been,
And wondering why it was not.

The world has turned,
With the years going by,
And I ask you what if
You had not lied?
I ask you what if,
We’d not met so young?
I ask you what if…

The stars have foretold
that we will not last
Yet my offer still floats,
Above body and soul,
awaiting a reply-
for lovers unknown.


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