Thursday’s Highlights

Good Afternoon Boys and Girls!

I’ve been a busy little poster and I do appologize……….  There is something that I like about looking back at things I’ve written to remember what I was doing and to attempt to remember what the hell I was thinking when I had put pen to paper.  Sometimes, it’s a work I’m proud of and other times I hope that the reader get a good laugh and a head shake in then forgets they’d seen it.  I wonder- do a lot of writers feel that way?  Is it possible that Hemmingway wrote the old man and the sea (which incidentally- I’m not a fan of) and then promptly thought, wow this sucks, once he picked it up to read it?  It would be an incredible irony.

So my deep thought quota for the day is full, so why does it still feel like I’m staring down a well.


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