Untitled: 7 November, 2004. St. Brice, France

I will appologize in advance, but I do need to make sure that this poetry (however crappy) is not lost to geocities.



There are bigger things out there
than your fears and doubts
Nobody cares
they’re too busy living
not wallowing in misery
Does anybody care
what happened when you were three
I’m sick of feeling lost
I just want a family

A home to run to

The tears and accusation
I can’t handle
your inadequacies
are not my crosses to bear.

Have we stopped caring
is humanity a statistic
No love, no compassion
only right and wrong
only good and evil
All black and white
No gray at all?

I will sit by the river

My face to the sky
and ask for inspiration
where will my path lead

Who am I meant to be
until then I hope-
I must, or all is lost.

CSHL- 7 November, 2004.  St. Brice, France


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