Contemplation: Rock Star Wives

I’m sure that a shrink would have a field day with this tangent, but OK.  So, I’m watching the VH1 special about Rock Star Wives and Dee Sneider’s wife makes the statement, “I try to act like my husbands mistress.”  It dawned on me that if you marry a famous musician- or any serious artists for that matter- you actually are the mistress.  Follow my logic here.  The music, or the canvas, or the ART will always be first in their minds and that is a big part of why they are attractive.  If they didn’t have that obsession (in a way) then they would be a regular person and therefore less interesting.

I think that I understand why Shannon Tweed said that if Gene Simmons werent famous, then she wouldn’t be with him, because if you take KISS away- what are you left with?  He would have made a fabulously egotistical and irritating business man.

Anyway- That’s just what I’m thinking.


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