Next Place?

So it’s been 5 years and that’s about how long it takes for my feet itch incurably and need to move to a new state.  I was hoping that since I’d lived in Maryland and Virginia in this rotation through DC, I wouldn’t get antsy this quickly, but I am.  So, where to next?????

I would love to move to Philly with Batduck and Battysgirl, but that is still a ways away and the fact that I work for a hotel company is not promising.  The area I’m in is doing well in the downturn because we are smack dab in the middle of the government travelers radius. That severely limits where I would go- it limits who is even hiring!  I really hope that I’m not stuck in this town.

What would I have to do to just pick-up and go?  I would need to find someone to babysit the Fur Babies and I would have my car, but I’d need to sell everything else- try to make sure all of my debts are paid off.  I would probably have to cash in my Mutual Fund for whatever pittance it’s worth at this point- pay the taxes on it up front, of course.  But I still have no idea where I’d go.

I don’t particularly want to go back to Missouri, Connecticut, Florida, Rhode Island, The USVI, Illinois, London, or Texas.  That leaves a lot of places, but where……..  I could probably do Colorado, but the last intel I got from there was that 1 in 4 people have been laid off, so maybe not so good of an idea.  I’ve heard that Atlanta is a bit stalled, but it’s still a pretty area.

So- I’m taking suggestions.  I’m looking for places to go to on an extended vagabonding mission, so I would need to be able to wait tables for a week or two if I need cash (i.e.- where work visa’s are easy to come by or people will pay under the table ;-D  ).


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