Jon and Kate Plus…….. a Martyr?

I don’t normally watch reality TV- for the simple fact that it’s truly a lot of engineered drama.  But, I’m watching the season opener for Jon and Kate plus 8 and I’m having nearly horrific flashbacks of my Mother’s last divorce.  You’ve got Kate as the angry Martyr and Jon saying screw you I didn’t cheat, but pulling the passive aggressive angle.  Am I the only person who wants to scream at them- go to f’ing marriage counseling since it is obvious you aren’t communicating.

What about the concept that it takes two- yes TWO- to tango.  Why do people jump to divorce as a solution?  As mixed as my feelings for my Aunt and Uncle are, they are the only example of a successful marriage I’ve seen outside of my grandparents.  He cheated and she’s still got him by the balls, but for some unknown reason, they are still together and seem if not to love each other to seriously respect each other. 

But, there is something about the way that they’ve edited these “interview” segments and the stuff in the house that is really rubbing me the wrong way.  It really seems that TLC has decided to side with Kate in this entire he said she said B.S. that they are getting redonkulous ratings from.  I really hate seeing Jon be crucified, even if he is a moron who got caught- Hey Douche- you’re a celebrity- YES they are watching you!!!!

Throughout this, I feel for those kids because the whole world knows that this drama is playing itself out and I promise that if you think they don’t know about it by now, then you are deluding yourself.  I may be reading into this, but Kate is making a point of telling the cameras how helpful the two older daughters were while she was party planning “all alone” (as she pointed out repeatedly to the point that I now don’t care)- can anyone say, “I’ll be good if you don’t get divorced Mommy!”

OK- so I won’t have anything nice to say- I’ll stop now.


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