So, Leo went to the vet for his annual check-up and rabies booster.  I’m not so sure how much I believe that cats need a rabies shot every year, but OK- I’ve really only taken care of Dogs before and they go every 3 years.  Apparently my little ADHD baby has too much tarter on one of his back teeth and they recommended a dental cleaning.  Would anyone like to guess what the cost quote was?  Anyone?  OK- I won’t make you wait:


Seriously!  I love my cat, but I’ll risk life and finger to brush his teeth at home.  That is just plain ridiculous!  Some days I love the vet, but others I compare them to Housing Bureaus and Travel Agents- total scam artists. 

Other than the vet I’ve been working from home today trying to catch up on some contracts for 2010 and can I tell you how much I am falling in love with the Spike show Deadliest Warrior.  I promise that I am female and that I am straight, but I love to watch histories greatest warriors dissected and kicking the crap out of each other.  The hosts are pretty cool in a nerdy way.  I could totally picture this show having come out of a Friday night game of spade when I was in Miami.

How- How- How can I get paid to either work on the Deadliest Warrior or to blow stuff up on Myth Busters…………..


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