Here we are, another Monday morning and I really can’t say that I’m any more excited to be at work than on any other day.  I did spend most of the weekend working from home, but I would only use that as an excuse if I were in a different state of mind than every other Monday.  Just call me Garfield 😀

I do dream of being that person who loves every minute of what they do.  I keep thinking of that Sam Adams commercial where the founder is sitting there telling us all how much he loves his job and all I’m thinking is, “well la ti DA- why don’t you bottle and sell that!”  How can we find that in our day to day lives?  How can we make sure that we enjoy what we do without being drugged the entire time? 

Sadly- most of the things that I really enjoy doing won’t earn me any money and pay the rent, so I do what I do and I’m not 100% unsatisfied with my job.  I can’t help feeling that there is something that I missed- something else that I was meant to do and that I’m letting it pass me by.


2 thoughts on “Monday

  1. batduck says:

    Yeah…take a number. I think you speak for millions….no, for billions with that statement.
    There are very few lucky ones that can say that they *love* getting up everyday to go to work. No it’s not impossible, but for the great majority of us, it’s just the “daily grind”.
    I don’t absolutely hate my job, but I sure as hell would rather be at home with Sarah and Celeste than having to drag my happy ass to the office.

    • simoneludlow says:

      OK- lets run off to the middle of no where and open a bar. We can have ladies night and you can be the doorman ;-D

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