Recessions and the Work Place

Good Evening Ladies and Germs-

I am trying to figure out a few things.  In the grand scheme of things, I have a pretty cool boss and I would like to think that I’m a relatively good employee, but then there are days like today.  I have absolutely no issues going above and beyond my job description-hell, I work in a HOTEL, above and beyond is a requirement.  What I have issues with is when that extra mile is unrecognized and then expected.  It doesn’t help that there is soooooo much gray area around my job description that not even Just for Men could cover it up, but I find myself in an interesting situation.  I am not the person in the office who would be useless if I don’t get a pat on the back for every little thing, but we have an award called the Manager of the Quarter and they give that person $500 when they win.  I am in a non-revenue generating department and from the track record we have had, the only people who get this are the ones who “earn”.  I do get a tad pissed though that all of the winners are also the ones who go out drinking with the Resident Manager- I’m not cool enough for that nor do I try to be.

So here is my questions to you all (though I’m sure I know who the 2 people who would respond are):

How do you continue to give 110% at the office, but not end up being taken for granted or absorbing a lot of tasks that you shouldn’t?  How do you draw the line in a way that doesn’t sign your pink slip?


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