What am I thinking?

I’m really trying not to think quite frankly.  In my almost 29 years (I apologize in advance to those who think I’m not old enough), I have come to the conclusion that thinking only gets me in to trouble.  I have also realized that the reason I contemplate being a house wife is because in my mind it is somehow an easier option.  This of course is not true since a big reason that I work a lot is to not think about home- that train doesn’t go anywhere happy.

The moment that I wish I could stay in is the mornings before my cats get hungry, maybe 4am ish, when I wake up just a little and I’ve got one cat in the crook of my knee and the other snuggled into my side.  I’m sleepy and content and that, at this moment, is the most perfect time for me.  Why?  Because I’m not thinking about anything other than the cats and being comfortable and content.


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