Disappointments of the past week

I just can’t seem to get these things off of my mind so I’m going to list them in the hopes that this will purge these thoughts from my head.

Television- Jon and Kate….  I’m going to go back to my original Martyr statement with these two.  Why the hell would you not AT LEAST go through the counseling process on screen?  I mean- you’ve spent the last 5 years on camera to NOW not want to put some effort into saving your marriage?  Granted, if I were Jon, I probably would have grown a pair before now, but for crying out loud!  In normal divorces there is plenty of he said, she said going around, but they uniquely have it all on tape, soooooooooooo….  I give up- but I feel for those kids who are now going to have to go through something really tough on national television.

Work- I’m mad at myself for not performing to my own standards, I’m upset with my boss for making assumptions and generally being a jerk, I’m irritated with my peers because they are stuck in a world that revolves ONLY around themselves, I’m still a bit frustrated with my staff- though not too much.

The Media- I totally thought of Michael Jackson as an innovator and an Icon, but the amount of coverage is a little excessive.  ALSO- is there truly anyone who is shocked that they suspect a drug overdose- really?

OK- I can’t think of any more for today.


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