Sarah Palin’s Higher Calling

As I was listening to the news today, their statement that Mrs. Palin has resigned (AKA- QUIT) her position as the Governor of Alaska in order to pursue a “higher calling” sound like bull Twinkies that it is.  OK- so maybe that’s a bit harsh, but let’s take out the name and replace it with Jane Doe and change the job to postal worker and then see what that reasoning sounds like.

“Hi my name is Jane Doe and I am quitting my job in order to pursue a higher calling of speaking and book writing.”  Sounds crappy and idiotic- doesn’t it.

I did not vote for Mrs. Palin’s ticket in this past election and I am a woman.  HOW they thought that they could pawn off such a sycophant on the women of this country, I will never understand.

My sincere hope for Mrs. Palin is this- enjoy your new calling.  I really do hope that she is making the right move for her and her family as that really is the most important thing in the equation (sorry Alaska).  What I absolutely DO NOT want to see is any involvement in politics from Mrs. Palin in the future. 

She has proved that her only talents are towing the party line, getting into tabloids, half-assing campaign promises to an entire state, threatening and quiting.

As an a-political blogger with very little readership, I wasn’t intending to broach this subject until I saw the threat from Palin’s lawyers.  How are you going to be a public figure and then threaten to sue the media AND bloggers for commenting on your choices?  Really?!  Coming from a governor this blatant threat against free speech is absolutely reprehensible.

I am much happier and sure that I did make the right choice in November with President Obama.  Even if he only accomplishes one of the major reforms he is working toward at this moment- he will have accomplished more that any of the other candidates and he will have done it with more integrity.


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