My first lay off……

This is a first that I never thought I would experience.  It isn’t that I thought I would be immune to it, but just that up until 2pm on this past Friday- there was no hinting that this was coming.  My place of employ was making our budget and we were exceeding our forecasts in a spectacular way.  Room nights were up, occupancy was steady, but ADR was down. 

They are taking 8 positions, 7 hourly and 1 managerial, and merging 2 departments to create 4 new positions.  Aside from the fact that it does not seem like they have done their research when it comes to implimenting this change, they blind sided us with it- and THAT is what I resent.  The merger is something that I had supported quite a while ago and was ignored, but the way that they have gone about this is just uncalled for.

I worked for a company that prides itself on the way that it’s associates are treated and quite frankly- for a group that is being told that performance was not a factor in the decision- this does not feel like anything more than a knife in the back.

Positivity is what has been suggested to me by those higher ups and they aren’t wrong, but it sure doesn’t seem like it will be very easy to come by at this moment.  I have no idea where I will be in 3 weeks and I don’t like that feeling.  This isn’t even taking into account the people in my department who have more obligations than I do! There were 3 single mothers, 1 disabled woman (knee surgery), and 3 of us who are already just getting by and they couldn’t have approached this any other way than- here is your severance, please feel free to re-post for this new job.

All economic concerns aside- when did we stop caring about each other?


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