One Week Later

Happy Sunday Everyone-  So it’s been a week since I got the news and I think that I’ve put out at least 25 applications since then.  I’ve been rejected once and gotten one call to get to the preliminary information stage.  I know that we are in the electronic world and that everything is very integrated and automated, but I still do not like the way that most companies have moved their application process on-line.  I get why they’ve done it, but it leaves such a level of uncertainty for the applicants- Will I ever get a call?

The old adage to just be persistent- no longer applies, but it does at the same time.  There is no way to tell if a computer is screening the answers to a subjective quiz to eliminate you from the candidate pool or if somebody in the HR office is just being slow.  I’ve applied to two different companies that have made very clear via recordings that if you don’t get a call from them- then they are not interested.

What ever happened to common courtesy?  A person to call and say, “Thanks, but no thanks!”  The old adage that you need to follow-up on the telephone and be persistent is not something that has gone away, but they are not making it easy to show that you WANT to be a part of their business.  That you are a bigger go-getter than the other guy, that you have a drive that they want- at least to just get you in the door for the interview.  HOW are you supposed to distinguish yourself from the pack when all human interaction is slowly being removed from the hiring process?

I am a firm believer that just because somebody looks good on paper does not mean that they are the best person for the position just like a person who looks horrible on paper may be exactly the person you want.  How is a computer making that determination- eh?  This is not where I thought I would be.


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