Back from the DEAD!

OK- so yes, I’ve fallen back into my perpetual on again off again love with posting and I haven’t. 😀  It has been an interesting roller coaster for the past 6 months and I almost don’t know where to begin.

The last time we spoke, I was jobless and directionless and wondering if I’d even be living in the same place a month later.  I was able to find a position by November with a smaller corporation, but doing something similar to what I had been doing for better money with better hours- doesn’t sound like a bad change, right?  Smaller doesn’t always mean easier and I will warn all of you newly christened job hunter out there this year that this advise is for you.


I did follow this advise when starting this new position, but I will openly admit that I was not prepared for the sheer level of internal politics at such a small property.  There were at least 4 engrained staff members that gave me the impression that they felt they were “running the show”.  The commander-in-chief is outwardly pandering to one of them and it is the bane of 99% of the staffs daily existence because he’s young enough to not know how wrong his approach is.  I really dislike working with people who make you feel that you haven’t contributed anything valuable to the day on a daily basis- it’s just counterproductive.

So, basically I’m a part of a dysfunctional team, which I’m gathering is to be expected in this job market.  The opinions that I’ve gotten from some colleagues of mine is that too many businesses reacted to the downturn too soon and laid off personnel that they are now needing to re-hire, BUT they have used it as a great way to clean house of anyone that they didn’t have cause to terminate.  This means that the only people on the market are the ones who were less than stellar performers, team players, ass kissers, etc…..  You fill in the blank that determines what a detrimental personality for a business is.

The fun part about the position I now find myself in is that I will seriously compare it to Fawlty Towers and I have renewed my determination to finalize my business plan and keep my writing up.  I need to find my path and I’m very sure at this point that this really isn’t it, but that I am going in the right direction.


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