April Showers and Such

As Mrs. Batty is fully aware by now, I’ve determined that I will write a book come hell of high water.  This is a fantastic collaboration so far and it seems like it is going to come to fruition.  though I have said this before, I am very excited about the world that is evolving as we continue to develop these characters and this town.  My genius of a co-writer is very adamant however that I am developing too much and avoiding the writing part.  I’m not sure if I agree or not.

I am a firm believer that everyone has their story to tell and I have tried to put pen to paper on mine for years now.  For some reason or other, I’ve never finished it.  Either it wasn’t a very good idea or it was a little too close to reality and turned into a diary and not a story.  I’ve never been able to visualize the characters the way that we seem to have done so far.  And the world that these characters live in just seems so much more realistic than anything I’ve tried to come up with that I am optimistic that this will lift off.  Wish us luck! (Even though Mr. and Mrs. Batty are really the only two people who read this blog! 😉 )


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