Exercise #4

I’m doing a quick turn around on the posts today because it is gearing up to be a very interesting day at the Inn.  I may need to fudge my definitions on this next topic just because I can only think of one “date” that I’ve actually been on and it was in High School, which is assumed to have been awkward, and I asked him.

4. Write about the worst date you ever had.

I had spent a good month coming up with ways to get this one boys attention and I was being very passive aggressive about it- or as one friend of mine put it, stalker.  And no, it was just a crush, though it wasn’t that big of a school so if he’d wanted to charge me with stalking him, I’d have had a case for plausible deniability 😉

I finally got up the nerve to go and speak to him.  I got dressed up- YES I said dressed up- and walked into his afternoon art class and sat down right in front of him and said, “Hi.”

To which he replied, “Hi.”

Long story short because it wasn’t very good dialogue to begin with, I asked him to go with me to a movie and he said yes.  The “date” itself was actually really nice, we talked, we ate at Taco Bell, but he did open the door for me, and at some point we ended up practicing Marital Arts Kicks in a gazebo. 

We were friends after that, albeit friends that didn’t hang out often, but I appreciated it when he would accept the invitation to hang out.  I ended up leaving town about 4 or 5 months after that night and we ended up loosing touch.  My magical stalker investigative ability led me to find his e-mail address a year or so later and to send him a note.

He was pretty successful at the time- running a martial arts studio, very busy and not so quick to get to a computer to respond to e-mail, but -in a way- I didn’t mind. 

The worst part of the story is how it ends.  After a particularly bad night in my world I responded to an e-mail that he’d sent venting ALL of the frustration I’d been feeling toward all of the people I had been with that night, but- as will happen when you drink and type- it came out all wrong.  He thought that I was talking about him and in that context; it was a pretty venomous e-mail.  I tried to explain myself, but I don’t believe that he ever opened that explanation- the last letter was simply signed, Good-bye.


One thought on “Exercise #4

  1. Sarah says:

    Can you believe, even though I’m married and have a little one I’ve never truly been on a date.

    Here is the best I can come up with.

    There was a young man that I had been speaking on the phone with for some time. I have no idea how he had gotten my phone number (nor the phone number of girlfriend of mine that he called often as well).

    One night, out of boredom, after speaking to him for a while on the phone I agreed we could get together for a while. He picked me up and we took a drive with no real destination in mind.

    He wasn’t an attractive man (although I wouldn’t go so far as to call him unattractive either). He was on the short side for a man, and either, he had the tallest forehead imaginable or a big head and receding hairline. We didn’t get far as we didn’t have an idea of where to go and ended up (I have no idea where any more) in a parking lot at a shopping center just talking about nothing.

    As the conversation started to dwindle, he apparently saw this as an invitation to move in for a kiss.

    Imagine a dog drinking water after a two mile run.

    Yeah… it wasn’t pleasant.

    I couldn’t help but pull away and look at him in horror not only because of how he kissed but because it was a completely uninvited smooch!

    After a moment of awkward silence in which he actually attempted to touch my chest and kiss me again, he took me home and I just shook my head as he leaned in AGAIN for another kiss.

    And that, is my worst ‘date’ ever.

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