Exercise #5

Happy Friday One and All!

I’ve made my necessary trip to Johnny Rockets for a bacon cheeseburger, a chocolate malt, and an attempt to keep the story flowing on to paper, though this week it didn’t work too well.  So I am now home and ready to try to put pen to paper and keep my exercises going.  This feels like an exercise and not a very fun one at all, but here goes……

5. Write about a beauty pageant without using stereotypes.

The three girls stood at center stage holding each other’s hands and fighting the urge to vomit with a wide, toothy smile.  They had been working so hard for months to prepare and to be there, on that stage, waiting, secretly hoping for the other girls failure because it meant that you have succeeded.  There were only three of them and one of them was the second runner-up, one of them was the first runner-up (or the first looser), and one of them would take the crown, would be deemed the most beautiful, the most successful, and would walk away with a true smile on her face.

C’est Fin.

And just becuase that was a pretty crappy post- here’s a littel binger to bring in Friday with some beauty 🙂


2 thoughts on “Exercise #5

  1. Sarah says:

    Accepting her roses and bowing her head for the crown of Miss Teen USA, Becky’s smiled wide and dazzled the audience with her hot pink braces.

    Weak, but I’m tired and I just wrote two others 🙂

  2. Simone Ludlow says:

    LOL! I’m also trying to figure out what exactly you can write about a beauty pagent that wouldn’t involve a stereotyoe- the ENTIRE process is a stereo type!! Can you believe that we weren’t cheerleaders 😉

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