Boa, Duvet, and Coin Flipping with the Porn Shop Guy

So it is Monday again.  I had been trying to post exercise #7 today, but it’s not that easy to write a fairy tale!  Even if you open it with Once Upon a Time.  Instead, I did some research and decided to surf You Tube for things that I either haven’t heard or seen in ages, so to this end- I give you Boa!

This is a loverly little anime series I found while working at an Anime Shop in Miami, Fl- for Money under the table, but the IRS need not worry- it wasn’t really that much money 😦  I can say that one of my favorite stories about communication gone wrong came from that shop.

For the story’s sake, lets call him Juan- well, Juan thought that I was kinda cute and or he just liked cynical bitches, but either way, he got up the nerve to ask me out on a date.  Now, usually the neon sign on my forehead that scream Fuck Off would have given him the idea that this would not be successful, but he must have thought that was a challenge to overcome.  I’m not a materialistic person, but- and ladies you would agree- it’s just not a good idea to date the guy who works the counter at the second-rate porn shop down the street, and in general he just wasn’t my type.

So, and I do feel bad about this, I handed this poor little fan boy a penny and told him to flip it.  He could call it in the air and if he won the flip- then I would go to dinner with him.  He did win, but he had figured that it wouldn’t have been a good idea to collect.  Enjoy!


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