Omen’s of the Apocalypse?

Happy Thursday one and all!

This will be a quick little binger of deep, paranoid thought.  I haven’t forgotten about exercise #7, but I’m still working on the fairy tale.

Has it dawned on anyone that maybe the Apocalypse is coming?  I mean, I’m not a big believer in the whole 2012 thing- I personally feel that the Mayans were thinking that a few millenia is PLENTY to put onto a calendar and if you wanted more, then maybe you were just asking a bit much and should re-think the request OR go make your own damned calendar.  But, it is pretty ominous that there have been so many natural disasters and tragedies in the past 5 years. 

I’m sure that it’s a symptom of the fact that there are many more humans in many more places than ever before in history and there is more than likely a bit of global warming effecting weather patterns, but today is Thursday.

Thursday is when Supernatural is on and darned if it doesn’t get me thinking- however improbable it is 😀


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