Art Nouveau and Wednesdays

Happy Wednesday one and all!

Outside of having deep thoughts as I go from job to job in a zombie-like fashion (I’ve just realized that I’ve officially been working 16 hours a day Monday – Friday for a little over a month now) that even though I’m in the nation’s capital, there are a lot of homeless men.  Granted I was more aware of it today since the PM Managers last night were regaling me with stories of the homeless man for whom they called an ambulance as he was OD’ing in the alley in back of the hotel last night.  AND I also came to the realization that I’ve never had nearly as hard of a life as many people have.

I was raised by yuppies, always had a home, got a car when I was 16, went to college, graduated, got a job, got laid off, found another job, am in generally good health- except for being out of shape and overweight, and can honestly say that for any estrangement I have with my family- I can always go home (with my ego in my hands and as a complete and utter failure, but still).  How many of us who work hard and have also not had the easiest of times can honestly say that they haven’t got a cushy middle-class gig going?  Do you even have the ability to understand what it would be like to not know where your next meal was coming from, to not know where you will go as the sun sets and its getting cold? 

The internet is deceptive because it tends to be one very large arena for people to whine about God knows what- also to share information and connect, but the primary focus is porn and complaining- tell the truth!!!  And there are people who legitimately don’t know if they will be alive tomorrow.  I’m not pointing this out to tell anyone to be more charitable because I really don’t have the disposable income to be any more charitable than I already am at this point, but just to point out that if you are reading this you are the elite.  You have a computer (or access to one) and the free time to surf the web, and the freedom to contemplate the bourgeoisie crap that I’m writing

And on that note- my soapbox now put away- I give you…..

Alfonse Mucha!


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