Exercise #7

So- blond moment time: Is Sunday the last day of the week because it was an afterthought or was it the first day of the week until it pissed someone off and got sent to the end of the Line?

I’ve been working on exercise #7 and at long last here it is!

7. Make up your own fairy tale (and be sure to start with “Once upon a time…”)

Once upon a time there was……………

Exercise #8- Write in stream of consciousness.

OK, so that’s a pretty lame move, but I am at a horrible loss to try and come up with a fairy tale and I do actually want to continue this list or exercises.  SO- in the interest of continuing- I shall take Mrs. Batty’s suggestion and just skip it.  I’m going to place a link into the bottom of the page to the How To- for stream of consciousness writing because I do feel that it is a great tool in a writer’s arsenal!  Here begins the stream……

Topic:   Future

This is just one of those topics that could go on for years!!!! Literally!!!!  What is in the future, why is it so important?  I sit at my desk every day and wonder where I’m going and forgetting that the world is here and now and that I might be missing it!  That is the meaning of cannot see the forest for the trees to me even if that isn’t really the meaning.  There are plenty of things that I think that I know full well have nothing to do with the actual meaning of the phrase as described by Roget or Miriam Webster, but they mean these things to me. 

When I see children, I see loneliness, when I see happy couples I am jealous, when I see angry couples I am sad, when I see homeless people I feel helpless and when I see cocky people I feel anger.  There are so many things that probably go through all of our heads every second that really and truly mean nothing to the rest of the world, but that mean the world to us.  When a man criticizes and very strong woman and then wonders why she’s pissed off- he has no idea what is going on, but he also doesn’t she that woman having a flash back to a moment where she was made to feel so small and insignificant and that his words made her feel that again so she would pull away and put up that wall, but not to keep him away, only to keep herself safe.  She wouldn’t lash out because she loves him and knows that he didn’t mean it that way she took it, but still- it hurt.

Would that I were so lucky as to have had that moment- I’m not even able to open up long enough to get there because I am that unwell to be hurt.  And I say this like I’ve got some horrible traumatic history, but I don’t.  Some may argue the point with me, but I don’t.  Nobody has ever hit me, nobody has really called me names other than mean little children, nobody has ever really done anything out of the ordinary.  We moved, a lot, but not as much as an Army family, so that could have been worse.  I’ve always been weird, so kids were not nice, but I was also not very nice- I was always feeling very alone and like there was nobody out there who could feel what I was feeling and in the same way I would be very defensive about it.  It didn’t help that the kids would make fun of me for many different reasons and I didn’t understand until years later (I still honestly don’t) why my mother would explain away my hurt when these children were mean by telling me that they only did it because I would react.  Still is a pretty shitty answer if you ask me.  Then years later my brother told me the exact same thing- that he only bullied me because I would react to it…….. So what does that mean?  Anyway- this is long enough.  Exercise complete- time to get back to work.

 Stream of Consciousness Writing


One thought on “Exercise #7

  1. battysgirl says:

    I’m really worried that writing a stream of consciousness right now is going to sound bitchy and whiney because I feel so crappy.

    Over an hour left in my work day and it feels like an eternity. My body is achy and my throat is really sore.

    Enough of the self-pity already.

    This morning, Celeste was sitting on my lap and started to push off, asking to get down. She’s getting so comfortable standing and walking now that she spends most of her time on two feet rather than crawling around. Any way, she asked to get down off my lap and she’s so ready to be off and running towards whatever has caught her interest that her little feet were already running in the air before they even hit the floor.

    So, I just took a moment to check the link at the end of the original post. I am already writing this long hand on paper with a pen, but the suggestion of the second bullet in step five bothers me. I find it nigh on impossible to ignore grammar and syntax, even in text messaging, so how would I even be able to do it on the all sacred paper?

    Oh no! Interrupted by a student! Now my thread has been dropped. I never really chose a topic, did I? I guess I sort of did: my fear that any stream of consciousness would sound pathetic. I hope this one doesn’t.

    Almost six now. Almost time to call home and say good night to the baby before she gets ready for bed. I really hate saying goodnight over the phone. I still hate leaving for work every morning even though I’ve now been back at work longer than I had at home with her. Maybe one day I can stay home with her (especially if she ever has sibling…).

    Interrupted again by work, but its probably a good thing, my pen is running of out ink. Time to transcribe!

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