Muse and LOST

So Cats and Kittens- it is the end of an era-

OK, So I’m being dramatic, but honestly, think about where you were 6 years ago- come-on!  LOST is done, they’ve wrapped everything, except the fact that Walt and Michael were nowhere to be seen in the finale, into a nice little bow. AND I have to admit that I’m a bit ambivalent about the ending.  I’m not what you would have called a rabid lost fan- in fact, I missed most of the middle seasons because I had to work and would mainly catch up by streaming episodes on the internet, but WTF!

Heaven- seriously- they all “moved-on”?  I would have thought that the creators would have gone to a point in the merging of the timelines where each of the characters would make a choice and pick a reality or something sufficiently sci-fi, but they went very mainstream in my opinion.

That being said- I have enjoyed every minute of it.  I’ve loved and lived and lost with all of the characters and I bow to the genius of the composers and writers who made the entire world love the characters in this show.  This does not change the fact that I’m still ambivalent about how you decided to answer all of the questions and I do find myself wondering if this was the intended outcome from day 1.

So, for this ambivalent moment I give you something that I am also ambivalent about- Muse covering Nina Simone.  I love the fact that this song has had such a fantastic life- La Femme Nikita, Muse, Chuck, and many others Movie-TV-Musical covers, but I’m still not too sure how to feel about this cover so I offer up both versions for your perusal.


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