Exercise #10

It’s Wednesday again and we are on the eve of the Memorial Day Weekend- FINALLY!  I realized today that I’m only 29, but I’ve hit that point where I am working all week and waiting for the weekend to sleep and when a 3 day weekend comes along- I’m jumping around like a maniac 😀  I’ve prematurely aged myself……..

So, without ANY ado-

Exercise #10

10. Watch Strangers and Make-up stories about what they’re doing.

I haven’t been able to sit around watching people this week, but as an alternative have found a great photo (courtesy of pictureisunrelated.com) to act as my “strangers”.

I got nothin'

Photo courtesy of pictureisunrelated.com

The sun had gone behind a cloud, but the heat of the day still radiated from the stagnant pond.  Bob was concentrating very hard as he carefully stepped, first left, then right foot using the contraption he’d put together from the bed frames in the dorm room.  He had no idea what was so special about that damned rock, but ever since he’d thrown it into the lake the day before, this crazy guy on a black big wheel had been following him around, pretending to run him down (but only going 4 miles per hour).

At first Bob had thought that it was a freshman who was pledging one of the frats and that he had become the unwitting butt of the joke while they hazed a pledge, but then it just started to feel creepy.  He saw big wheel guy in the hall when he walked out of his dorm room and was followed into the hall bathroom while he brushed his teeth, then the big wheel guy waited outside the stall as he dropped a deuce.  Then this weirdo followed him to the cafeteria and watched from the outside window as he ate his cereal- apparently big wheel guy did not have pockets because he couldn’t pay the $5 to get into the cafeteria.  Thankfully, this guy didn’t follow-him in to class, but when Bob left the lecture hall, there the guy was and this time- in a very high pitched voice- he said to Bob, “where’s my rock you D-Bag!”

“What rock you psycho?!  Leave me alone!” and Bob began to run the other way and big wheel guy could be seen, slowly, pedaling behind.  It had taken him all night to figure out what rock the guy had been talking about, but he finally did and that was when he remembered that he’d thrown it into the pond. 

So, here he was, some lunatic still stalking him and he was trying to pick one rock out of the water.  His left foot came down and he could feel the metal frame begin to wobble- Oh Shit.  Bob lost his balance and went face first into the slimy, stagnant water.  Once his feet were on the bottom, squishing in the mold, mud, and general crap that is found in a pond on a college campus, he began to run his hands through the goo where he thought he’d see the rock go under.  This went on for at least an hour before Bob finally grasped onto a smooth, round, flat object and pulled it out of the water.  It was the rock! 

As he washed the mud off in the cleanish top layer of the pond he saw that there really wasn’t anything special about this thing that would tell him why this guy had gone to soo much trouble to get it back.  He flipped it over in his hands and could feel the rage begin to boil over into his face.  Written on the bottom were the words- “Fido- my favorite Pet.”  He proceeded to throw the rock at the big wheel man and hit him on the head with his damned pet rock.


4 thoughts on “Exercise #10

  1. battysgirl says:

    Wow, really?! You’ve a sick and twisted mind… of course I’m sure you knew that already.

    I have no clue when I can people watch but I’ll shoot for it this weekend and get back to this exercise.


  2. Battysgirl says:

    I have not been out in public long enough to do this exercise since it was originally posted last month. Therefore, I will take a page out of your own book and take a photo to describe instead… I will google image – “strangers”

    This is the second option in the search results (the first was a movie poster, and I think this is a scene from said movie).

    “Damn it,” Glenda muttered, “I’ve lost my fucking contact again.”

    “I’ll help you find it,” a sing song voice called out from behind her.

    “Oh, no,” Glenda expounded under her breath. “Cecile,” she said louder, “what are you doing out of your room?”

    “Helping you, silly.” Cecile said in the same sing song way.

    Glenda was a night shift nurse at the County Mental Hospital and Cecile had, apparently, gotten out of her room again after lock down.

    Of all the patients in Glenda’s care, Cecile was the most docile, however, she was also the most needy. Cecile truly believed she was the six year old child of the very wealthy and powerful McClusky family out of Boston. In reality, the poor dear was 73 and has been raised in the slums off the Vegas strip. She had been a resident of the hospital since 1970 when she was admitted by her psychiatrist on her 33rd birthday.

    After enduring 12 years in an abusive relationship, Cecile was critically wounded by her husband after he shot her in the shoulder, leg and abdomen in a particulary vicious argument. Once she recovered from the phsyical wounds, it was clear that she had receded into her own fantasy world as a defense mechanism from the reailty of her life.

    “Shouldn’t you be in bed, Cecile?” Glenda stood, winking because of the lack of contact and turned to face Cecile. “Its after your bedtime and you shouldn’t be out so late.”

    “I wanted to play dress up,” Cecile whined. “You promised me earlier today we could play dress up. I found my best dolly mask and came to fidn you so we could play.”

    “Come on, Cecile.” Glenda said, taking her by the hand. “You make a beautiful dolly but it is time for bed, we can play dress up again tomorrow.”

    Cecile, always docile followed without protest and in her capitulation guaranteed that Glenda would NOT force her to take a sleep aid pill, but rather would don some rediculous outfit along with her for half an hour before tucking her in for the night.

  3. Battysgirl says:

    My HTML code doesn’t show the image, here is the link:

  4. Simone Ludlow says:

    That is sooooo much creepier because I know that movie and the lady in the mask is trying to kill the woman on the ground.

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