Exercise #11

I find myself with more time on my hands so I won’t need to use the auto-post feature of wordpress for a little while! Though I did find it funny to post things on a Wednesday at 2:13 (arbitrary numbers!)

Exercise #11- Read an obscure feature story in a small-town newspaper and write about the object of that feature.


Ahhhh- the Rocky Horror Picture Show, corrupting the minds of the young for decades now- gotta love it!  So it’s good to know that this show is continuing to be produced and shown via stage and screen medias, but it feels so mainstream now that I know a community theater in North West Washington had done it.  Don’t get me wrong- it is almost appropriate that it’s a community theater because of the grass-roots beginnings of this shows cult status, but it just seems- I dunno- weird. 

The first time that I’d ever seen mention of the Rocky Horror Picture Show was in the movie FAME, but I was too young to understand what I was seeing.  It wasn’t until high school and joining the drama department that the cultish nature of the love that people have for this movie became clear to me.  I still didn’t really get it, but I really enjoyed the fun that we all had with it.  This was one of many “inside jokes” that I felt privileged to be in on, even though I was in actuality on the perimeter of the center of the crowd.

For all of the horrible memories that I have of High School, I do also have some very good ones.  I do lament that I’ve only really kept in touch with a couple of people from that era in my life, but it was inevitable that we should all grow and go down different paths that really didn’t intersect anywhere in the future outside of the internet or the occasional run-in.  I didn’t leave a forwarding address, so I never went to my reunions (so far).

Anywho- this is probably not the most interesting of responses to these exercises so I won’t drag it on.


One thought on “Exercise #11

  1. Mrs. Batty says:


    One of the things I most enjoyed in our visit to Pennsylvania in May 2008 was visiting Valley Forge. I look forward to living close to take our little one there in a few years after our Big Move finally comes to fruition.

    Its apropos that this kind of new story run after July 4th and I can just see Mr. Duck, Baby Duck and myself heading down to the park on Independence Day some time in the future and having a picnic and talking about the historic significance of the site (yes, I DO plan on being that kind of mom… at 7 months pregnant I read the I Have a Dream speech to my daughter en utero on MLK Day).

    With an undergrad degree in Anthropology this kind of story and the kind of history that you find in New England is incredibly appealing to me as well and I’d love to share my passion with Baby Duck (and any other ducklings that may come along).

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