Exercise #13

The weekend is ending, but not to worry- the summer is here and so are all of the fun activities that this entails.  There are people on the mall playing softball, kickball, ultimate frisbee, and there was even the collegiate seven’s tournament on NBC yesterday- So I’ve been a happy little camper.  No, I don’t participate in the sports, I’ve never been very athletic, but there is something comforting about the fact that others are out there enjoying the sun and the heat.  On that note- it is time to deliver the next exercise!

Exercise #13- Describe the view from your window

Though the days have been sunny for a little while now, today has given us a tornado warning and the clouds are covering the blue sky with their gray woolen feeling.  I can see the trees swaying with the wind as it picks up speed in front of the impending storm, but for the moment, it is calm.  The multitudes of squirrels that run rampant through my neighborhood don’t seem to be bothered with the weather as they are still running through the grass and chasing each other, as squirrels do.  The birds are foraging through the grass and my cats follow them from one window to the next, though I know that they would be terrified if they should face these creatures without the protection of the screen.

Aside from the gray sky, the rest of the world outside of my window is very green.  I live in a very plant covered suburb of Washington, DC, so there are trees everywhere and since my apartment is on the ground floor and semi buried, my eye line is even with the ground and the view is obstructed by a semi-think bush hedge.  I like that hedge and the privacy it affords me.  I can be as much or as little a part of the outside world as I feel like being that day with the cover of that hedge.  I did miss it during the winter moths when it had gotten flattened by a large snow bank.  It has recovered and is strong and growing once more- might be a metaphor, right?!


One thought on “Exercise #13

  1. Mrs. Batty says:

    I have no window, however, my ‘office’ has a set of double doors leading to the atrium of the building and as such I can see a lot of the coming and goings of our building that way.

    Currently, one of the cleaning crew is wheeling her cart across the atrium towards the stairwell, probably going to clean the bathrooms before the lunch rush (have you ever noticed there is always a mad rush to use the restroom before and after lunch?). I can also see a sign telling the university community of a new garden project it is running with medicinal plants.

    I can just see a bit of sunlight shining on the furthest wall I see coming in from the doors to the building (that I can’t see). Often, this is the only way I can tell if the sun is shining or if there are rain clouds looming over the building.

    Otherwise, I don’t see much out of these doors, the lovely marble floors, some columns and curved walls (the entire atrium is round).

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