The joy of re-posting!

With a big thanks to Chris Isidore, senior writer at CNN, and for putting this on the front page I will do my first re-post and pray not to get any nasty grams from someone in the copyright offices 😉 

Having been in the job hunting business for a little less than a year now, I find this very disturbing.  It is just as stupid as the author says it is, ESPECIALLY in a job market where many highly qualified people are finding themselves out of work.  Now, it isn’t an incorrect supposition that if a company though of you as an asset, that they would have figured out a way not to lay you off, but that logic completely ignores that fact that companies are not sentient beings. 

The current corporate world is finding itself back in a place where it’s not about what you know, but who you know.  Where the executive team of any business is forced to make cuts, for whatever reason, it must be assumed that they are only human and that their perception of any given employee is taken in to account.  So, in a situation where all things are equal- they will make the decision that they feel is best for the overall team and that typically means getting rid of the people that they don’t feel get along with everyone and can be replaced by those already in the organization.  This may seem unfair, but I’d like to think that we have got to see things realistically and not just through rose-colored glasses where peoples hands are tied by laws and standards.

Corporate standards are not civil rights and you’ve got to remember that a for profit business will do what it feels is best for its bottom line- why else does it exist?  Anyway- without further contemplation from me, I give you Chris Isidore’s article.  Enjoy!


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