Exercise #14

Exercise 14:  Randomly select an object from the room you’re in and write about it. Include its physical description and any memories associated with the object.

The carry on suitcase, still unpacked, on my living room floor.

This little wheeled black carry on with a gray arch along the top of the front pocket was the first suitcase that I’d gotten for myself.  Yet, it sits here, filled with clothing that needs to go to the laundromat (mostly socks I must admit) and longing for its next trip.  My suitcase has felt very anemic for the past five years or so and hasn’t seen more than 5 planes for its troubles. 

It was a small part of a humble 4 piece luggage set from Target and it’s sleek black cloth wrapping was so smart that it knew itself to be the best piece for a great weekend jaunt to California or Miami and it has met the challenges that a confirmed enemy of checked baggage has provided.  It’s been crammed in to overhead bins and rolled through wet streets, and ice-covered sidewalks, like the champion travel companion that it is.

Now, it is alone and left to the side of the room, its only companion is my cat, Piper, who adores it as one of her favorite places to nap even though it is at ground level.  She especially likes when the zipper is undone so that the clothing is the bed cushion and she can contort her head into the siding of the case with one paw over her eyes.  This plucky little travel case is just biding its time, awaiting another journey patiently in its spot on the carpet as Piper purrs away- thinking that she’d found the best cat bed in the world.  At least it saves my comforter a little bit of trouble being covered in her fur.


2 thoughts on “Exercise #14

  1. Strange story, really increadible.

  2. Mrs. Batty says:

    Behind me, on my manager’s desk sits a simpl black double picture frame. There are no pictures in this frame, just the background that comes with the generic landscape when you purchase it.

    I bought this for my manager for Mother’s Day saying, “You need at least one picture of your little girl and hubby on your desk to brighten your day.” So far, no pictures.

    Needless to say, I have 11 pictures on my tiny desk of my little family and don’t understand why anyone would NOT want to see their loved ones when they’re working.

    That being said, my manager is very distant and clearly likes to keep work at work and home at home and so I assume that is why this frame remains empty (why even keep it up then).

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