Dream Symbology

Happy Wednesday One and All!

So, I have been trying to do some deep breathing exercises before bed to clear my head and attempt to begin meditating again (I’ve put it by the wayside for too long). In my search for some sources to aid in my interpretation, I found a couple of websites by Avia Venifica that are super informative and pretty cool- so check them out, I’ve added them to the blogroll and sites I like section.

The dream/meditation.

The meditation method that I use is very much a mix of Chakric and deep breathing.  I start with breathing in on a four count and out on a four count, while concentrating on relaxing the entire body from the tips of the toes and fingers to the core.  For me, the core is right about where my spleen is sooo, probably not the “correct” center, but it’s mine anyway.  As I feel my body relax, I will also feel my breathing get slower- this is probably also a good method for getting to sleep if you’ve been having trouble- and at that point I will focus on the anja chakra, the third eye, and see where it takes me.

I’ve done this for two nights in a row now and the first night I was trying really hard to get back to the serene glad by the stream that I used to be able to find, and oddly do the same meditation within the meditative state (weird, I know), but I couldn’t find it.  I did, however, find myself in a cave.  There was light that resembled having torches burning in brackets on the wall, but I saw no actual torches.  There was a dark blurred figure down the tunnel and I was moving toward it when I saw an altar carved into the wall to my right side.  The altar was well-lit and I took on of the torches, that I didn’t see until it was in my hand, and used it to follow the figure.  The only thing that I could see was the image of the King of Swords from my Herbal tarot deck and then I came to a larger room and the figure was at the other side of the room, but I couldn’t get to it- it was like there was an invisible wall stopping me from getting close enough to see a face or anything more than blurry blackness.

After a little while of trying to get to the figure, I turned around and left the cave to find myself in an old growth pine forest at dusk.  From there- I was sped out of my own head when some jerk in the parking lot set off his car alarm and I went to sleep.  Had weird dreams too, but I wasn’t smart enough to write them down when I woke up.

Last night, I wanted to try to get back to the cave and find out what the hell my brain was trying to say. SO I focused on that image of the King of Swords to speed up the journey and I got back to the cave pretty easily, but I didn’t get back to the room where the dark figure was.  I was stopped at the altar and there were now items on it.  on the shelf, there were three cards- the Queen of Cups on the far left, the King of Swords in the middle, and the Queen of Pentacles on the far right (all from the herbal tarot).  On the wall above the shelf there was hung a simple wooded crucifix in a beautiful shade of blue and carved in to this were all of the religious symbols that I’ve ever seen in my life- star of david, pentacle, ankh, eye of horus, flying spaghetti monster, etc… Yes even the ridiculous.  As I concentrated on the altar, it began to change- green vines grew all around the arched top of the wall and around the sides with jasmine flowers in full bloom.  I couldn’t smell jasmine- I just knew that this was the name of the flower.

I then concentrated on the cards and it was like that concentration was a battle between them.  Ultimatly, as I felt I was looking at the two queens the way you’d watch a tennis match, the Queen of Pentacle turned brown and shriveled up and the Queen of Cups was victorious, but now wrapped in a white-hot sterling silver chain that had very low flames running all along it.  The fire died, but I could tell it was hot and wrapped around the Queen (which I’d identified as my card) and running directly to the card of the King of Sword, being held in the image’s hand.  I tried to blow on the chain and cool it down in order to pick the card up, but it would just flame up and create a barrier between me and it.  At that point, a bright light from outside shook me out of it and I figured that it was time to go to bed.

So, I am now awake and will probably try again tonight, but would love to take any interpretive suggestions you may have because I’m confused.


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