Exercise #15

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!  And I’m still upset about the Ghanaian defeat of the US Soccer team yesterday, but at least we made it farther than we have in decades, so I’m happy about that.  So let’s just call it that ambivalent Sunday.  In honor of this day- it is time for the next exercise 😀

Exercise #15-  Write about the best date you ever had.

This is a bit difficult because I’ve never really dated.  If you want to get technical, I’ve never had a boyfriend for more than a month.  Don’t get me wrong- I’ve been involved with a couple of guys for longer than that, but never as boyfriend and girlfriend.  It was always in some gray area state where my eternal fear of commitment was never challenged, but that always puts my fatalistic nature that it will end on edge.  Soooo- I guess it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy of sorts. 

Don’t get me wrong- I’m a VERY picky person (to the point of absurdity), but I will usually be the one to end the tryst, for whatever reason.  I am OK with admitting that my last relationship ended because I lost interest and he didn’t meet the timelines that I had put to certain things, like not being involved with his “Ex”, and no I didn’t publicise that these things were in my head because I don’t honestly think that I saw the relationship going very far.  Call me callous, that’s fine, but I do know what I don’t want- and that outweighed the benefits to continuing, so I ended it.  Don’t feel too bad for him, though, he wasn’t alone for very long 😀

So, the best date that I’ve ever been on………  It doesn’t have a basis in reality.  Here is what a good date is in my own head.  First and foremost, he asked me out.  I think that it would be fun to do this at some sort of festival or concert or a place that would have something fun to do.  I’m not the kind of girl who enjoys going rock climbing or anything, but I’m OK with a day of light hiking and a picnic.  One of my favorite places in the DC area is the Virginia side of the Great Falls National Park, where all of the trail and the old canals are located.

We would have a really fun, light, and relaxing time, but most importantly- there would be SPARKS!!  I am definitely the kind of girl who is looking for a spark and if I spend time with a guy and there just isn’t any interest, then I am not likely to be interested in a romantic relationship, but if we have fun- I won’t lose his number 😉  So, we’ve had a great day, a nice picnic, we’ve talked and gotten to know each other, and I am really attracted to him.  If this is a first date, then I would go home and dish to A and Mrs. Batty, if this is a second date- then I would hope he had something more planned than hiking and a picnic, and if this is a thrid date, well- it’s not that kind of blog THANK YOU!

In other words- I’m not really all that picky, but I do require that a date should be fun.  I don’t want a guy all over me, but I also don’t want a guy checking out some other girl.  I guess that this is probably just like every other girls contemplations and pretty vague, but considering that I’ve really never done that many trial runs- it will have to do.  I hope that Mrs. Batty has something more than I do because me and dating is really, quite lame…….


One thought on “Exercise #15

  1. Mrs. Batty says:

    As odd as it may seem, given the fact that I’m married with a child, I’ve never actually had a real honest to goodness date.

    I suppose you could kind of say that the night I met my husband in person for the first time was a date, but really, it was meeting up for coffee at a bookstore, we didn’t really know each other.

    Once we knew enough to know we wanted to see more of each other (later that same night), we met up at the same bookstore again the following evening.

    Now, this may not have been a real ‘date’ but I’ll tell you, it laid the groundwork for a lifetime of happiness. There was no BS of trying to impress each other with nice dinners of falsities. We sat on the stairs of a bookstore and read the Griffin and Sabine trilogy to each other and taking moments out to just talk about ourselves. When we got hungry we would just head across the street to Denny’s and grab a quick bite before coming back to the bookstore and reading more letters between the fictional couple.

    As far as dates go, I think it was pretty awesome, even if it wasn’t planned that way 🙂

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