Sand Sculpture for the hot hot summer!

As I was looking through my stats, it seems that the most popular post I’ve had is the picture of Dante’s Sand Castle that I’d run across ages ago.  Once I’d determined that, I went trolling through google images for more great examples of the fin art of sand sculpting in the form of castles and came across the web site for a European Sand Sculpting Team.  Can I just say that this gentlemen (I apologize if there are also women, but did not see any in the pics) are bloody genius’!!!  They make MONEY by playing with sand- I bow and share my jealousy. 

PLEASE check out this link- they have some really cool pics of their work 😀


Pussifer- The Mission

So it’s Thursday- a day where I would normally have been out until all hours and probably not so sober.  Then I had to become an adult- poo.  In honor of my reminiscing I give you the perfect musical accompaniment to Tuscan Lemonade, fresh Strawberries, and bad television- Enjoy!

This is the actual video that Pussifer played on a large screen during the show that I saw at the Lincoln Theater this past winter.  I think that it’s a pretty great feat of digital animation and one other fun fact is that the female singer in this is none other than Ms. Milla Jovovich 😀  Who said models couldn’t evolve- surely not I because I love her.  I actually bought her first album, twice!

New Teenage Exploitation by MTV a la “Mean Girls”

Happy Wednesday Cats and Kittens-

So, last night as I was trying to sleep, the only thing on TV was actually on MTV.  Let me start by saying that I applaud what the moderators are doing, but feel a slight sense of disgust that MTV has decided to televise it.  They are running a new special/show- not sure how long it will run- called “If You Really Knew Me”, where they tape an event called Challenge Day at a high school with pressing social issues.  There are moderators who can provide real life experiences as gang members, drug addicts, etc… to run a day of exercises to show teenagers that everyone has problems and that they shouldn’t discriminate or otherwise victimize each other- kind of like the gym scene in Mean Girls.

Like I said- I applaud this and I do think that every school, however harmonious, should be subjected to something of this nature because teenagers are mean, selfish and narrow-minded by definition.  Hell, most adults are for that matter, but I do NOT feel right about MTV filming the tears and secrets of the stupid and vulnerable kids for distribution to the masses.  If you could think back to your high school days, unless you were some sort of freakishly normal person, I promise you that it kinda sucked.  The very nature of high school is that you throw together a bunch of hormonal, vulnerable, and troubled teenagers and expect them to play nicely.  Children don’t play nicely at any point in time!  There are any number of reasons why and a big one is that they are insecure and that gets taken out on one another when a mob mentality makes them think that others will like them better if they are saying “cool” mean things to someone weaker than they are.  As much as  I hate to say that a movie like “Mean Girls” had any point other than entertaining tweens- it really did.

Tolerance training has been a part of the developmental landscape since the Baby Boomers/Hippies took control of the world and they have got a good point.  We need to love our fellow human beings, we need to care about each other, we need to stop being afraid of things that are different, and we need to stop victimizing each other.  That is a really big thing and in the history of humanity it has never been done.  I guess that I’m not sure what good will be done by exposing these kids to a level of vulnerability they might not otherwise have had to face by broadcasting their issues and insecurities to a nationwide audience.  Yes, tears and hugs make for good television, but really?! 

I think that I’m done ranting for today.  My hope for MTV is that they will sponsor many more of these sessions, but not televise them.  It’s a wonderful thing to contribute to society for no better reason than heping each other and not to make money.  If MTV wants to make more money- maybe they should actually start to play music again instead of all of the god awful reality television shows that seem to make up their entire programing day.

Paternal Rights and Abortion – ELLE

Paternal Rights and Abortion – ELLE.

So, I just stumbledupon this article and I have to say that I find myself contemplative.  It isn’t usual that an article on abortion makes me think this hard since I really am staunchly in the pro for a womans right to choose.  The mother is the ultimate decision maker in a pregnancy as she has to carry and deliver the child and have her life forever changed in the most immense way possible.  I’ve known a few women who have wrestled with this impossible choice and ultimately it is not something that is ever taken lightly.  The decision to abort will forever change a woman just as much as the decision to have the child and care for it, or to give the child up for adoption. 

The article in ELLE makes note of the other side of the decision, what about the father?  We’ve all been told many times over that it takes two to tango and obviously it takes two to conceive a child.  For the most part- the debate on abortion really has centered on the mothers rights and as the article points out this was for a very good reason.  At the start of this debate, women facing an unwanted pregnancy had next to no ability to decide how to proceed without risking their own lives and that is entirely unacceptable.  In this more enlightened day and age it does beg the question or whether there are some imbalances to address. 

There are of course dubious men and women seeking to use a pregnancy for dubious ends and when these things occur it does disgust me.  Anything that would limit a womans rights would end up being exploited by one side or the other, just as women are not so innocent that there aren’t some who would intentionally get pregnant to “rope a big spender”.  These would be the people who make the news, but what about the everyday, normal people who have this tough decision to make?

Every day there is an unplanned pregnancy and a woman who is scarred to death and man who sees their world closing in on them, just as there is a woman who is jumping for joy and a man looking at her with the most intense love in his eyes.  So I ask- is there a middle ground that can be reached?  If a woman is not ready to be a mother and the father has vehemently declared a desire to be a single father with no expectation of monetary compensation or involvement from the mother after the child’s birth, should she be compelled to comply with his wishes?  alternately, if a woman wants to have the child, but the father had previously made clear that he did not desire children and that he would want to terminate an unexpected pregnancy, should he have any monetary obligation after the child’s birth (or during for that matter?)?

Either way- I have no intension of taking a stand on this because I am not a mother, I have never been pregnant, and this is a decision I pray that I will never have to make, but I do think it is a question worth asking.

Blu’s Big Bang Boom

This is a stop motion graffiti video that I think is really cool 😀  It makes me wonder how long it took to produce this and how much of the work was lost by vigilant civil servants cleaning up the “graffiti”.

This was origionally posted on VIMEO, but for some reason wordpress doesn’t accept any VIMEO links, soooooo…… for more cool stuff by Blu go to his web site-  Enjoy!!

Exercise #20

It is Saturday and I’ve survived the week without suffering from heat stroke, thankfully 😀  It’s been a ridiculously hot week in the national capital, but I have held firm to my vow NOT to turn on the air conditioner!!  I have, however, found many good reasons to go to work early and hang out in the lovely air conditioned hotel.  The furr babies are doing fine before anyone starts to yell- they’ve been hanging out on the tile in the bath room and I’ve been keeping them well stocked with ice cubes in their water dish. 

Saturday for me is and always will be game day.  When I was in college (or at University, as some would say) I got involved with the Rugby Club on campus and it did change a lot of things for me, one of which was the meaning of a Saturday afternoon.  For about a year I had a pub buddy in DC who would meet me on Saturdays at the Irish Channel in China Town and we would watch the college games and the Rugby on Setanta while listening to the live music and generally being bar flies- it’s a good time.  In honor of this, since my pub buddy is now in Australia, I give you exercise #20!

Exercise #20-  Write about football.

The sweat dripped into Billy’s blue eyes off of his sandy blond hair from inside of his football helmet.  The golden lion on the side glistened in the mid-day sun and the team huddled together to determine their last play of the game.  There were 7 seconds left on the clock and they were at the 30 yard line and awaiting the coaches decision.  It was a hail mary.  Billy panted, he was tired and ready to go home to his nice cool house and take a long shower, but not before they scored one last touch down and beat the wombats!

“Break!” they screamed and positioned themselves on their offensive line.

“Blue 22, red 78, bubble gum- bubble gum, hut, hut, hike!” and the ball was snapped.  Jimmy looked around for Billy and could see him running toward the post and hooking away- he was in position.  He snapped and the ball flipped through the air toward Billy, waiting in the end zone.  All of the players on the field saw the ball flying and began to chase it, but to no avail.  Flopping end over end, Billy caught the ball in his two arms, which created a basket with his stomach.  The stands erupted in cheers- the team rushed to Billy to pat him on the back with joy.

“Good game, good game, Boys,” said the coach as he walked on the field to greet the opposing coach, “Now lets hurry up and get to Chucky Cheese- we have a table waiting!”

And that’s how the Morganville Lions won their Pop-Warner league semi-final game against the Bateyville Wombats.

Divorce is Contagious…. Thank you Captain Obvious!

New study says divorce is contagious

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Jul 8th 2010 at 2:06PM
// Divorce is contagious and can spread through family, friends and coworkers, a new study shows. Divorce is contagious, says study.

The study from three universities shows that people are 75% more likely to be divorced if someone they are directly connected to is divorced. The chances drop to 33% more likely to get divorced if a friend of a friend — two degrees of separation — is divorced. The study found that having children didn’t improve a couple’s chances of staying married.

The study findings are from an ongoing look at 12,000 people in Framingham, Mass. that began in 1948. The study was done by Rose McDermott of Brown University; James H. Fowler of the University of California, San Diego; and Nicholas A. Christakis of Harvard University.

“We think of a regular contagion like the flu,” Fowler told CNN. “You get a virus and you’re more likely to spread the symptoms to someone else. This is not just true for a virus. This is true for a lot of social behaviors.”


Celebrities aren’t immune either. Just look at the some of the recent famous breakups:

  • Tipper and former vice president Al Gore announced their split and then their daughter, Karenna Gore Schiff, said a week later she was leaving husband Andrew Schiff.
  • Movie star Jude Law and Sadie Frost broke up. So did their buddies Meg Matthews and Oasis musician Noel Gallagher.

Makes you wonder who’s next among actor Kelsey Grammer’s friends since wife Camille Grammer — who’s one of the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” — has filed for divorce.