Exercise #18

Exercise #18-  What would your life be like if it were perfect?

Ahh- the eternal question.  What would life be like if it were perfect?  Well, I’m going to agree with many who have tackled this subject- it would suck!  If you assume that perfection means:

OK- well, I’m now editing this the day after writing and realizing that somehow I managed to mess up the post right about where I was going to define perfection.  Anyway- I’ve forgeotten what I wrote last night, so let me start on a new train of thought.

Perfect would be nice, but it would be boring.  If there were never any obstacles to overcome then we would never appriciate what we have and that’s about all I can think of right now.


One thought on “Exercise #18

  1. Mrs. Batty says:

    Oh wow, I dunno, its pretty darn close now. The only changes would be:

    No worries about money
    No worries about time away from Celeste
    No worries about health
    Unlimited resources for travel and schooling 🙂

    Otherwise, its pretty darn great as is!!!

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