Exercise #20

It is Saturday and I’ve survived the week without suffering from heat stroke, thankfully 😀  It’s been a ridiculously hot week in the national capital, but I have held firm to my vow NOT to turn on the air conditioner!!  I have, however, found many good reasons to go to work early and hang out in the lovely air conditioned hotel.  The furr babies are doing fine before anyone starts to yell- they’ve been hanging out on the tile in the bath room and I’ve been keeping them well stocked with ice cubes in their water dish. 

Saturday for me is and always will be game day.  When I was in college (or at University, as some would say) I got involved with the Rugby Club on campus and it did change a lot of things for me, one of which was the meaning of a Saturday afternoon.  For about a year I had a pub buddy in DC who would meet me on Saturdays at the Irish Channel in China Town and we would watch the college games and the Rugby on Setanta while listening to the live music and generally being bar flies- it’s a good time.  In honor of this, since my pub buddy is now in Australia, I give you exercise #20!

Exercise #20-  Write about football.

The sweat dripped into Billy’s blue eyes off of his sandy blond hair from inside of his football helmet.  The golden lion on the side glistened in the mid-day sun and the team huddled together to determine their last play of the game.  There were 7 seconds left on the clock and they were at the 30 yard line and awaiting the coaches decision.  It was a hail mary.  Billy panted, he was tired and ready to go home to his nice cool house and take a long shower, but not before they scored one last touch down and beat the wombats!

“Break!” they screamed and positioned themselves on their offensive line.

“Blue 22, red 78, bubble gum- bubble gum, hut, hut, hike!” and the ball was snapped.  Jimmy looked around for Billy and could see him running toward the post and hooking away- he was in position.  He snapped and the ball flipped through the air toward Billy, waiting in the end zone.  All of the players on the field saw the ball flying and began to chase it, but to no avail.  Flopping end over end, Billy caught the ball in his two arms, which created a basket with his stomach.  The stands erupted in cheers- the team rushed to Billy to pat him on the back with joy.

“Good game, good game, Boys,” said the coach as he walked on the field to greet the opposing coach, “Now lets hurry up and get to Chucky Cheese- we have a table waiting!”

And that’s how the Morganville Lions won their Pop-Warner league semi-final game against the Bateyville Wombats.


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