New Teenage Exploitation by MTV a la “Mean Girls”

Happy Wednesday Cats and Kittens-

So, last night as I was trying to sleep, the only thing on TV was actually on MTV.  Let me start by saying that I applaud what the moderators are doing, but feel a slight sense of disgust that MTV has decided to televise it.  They are running a new special/show- not sure how long it will run- called “If You Really Knew Me”, where they tape an event called Challenge Day at a high school with pressing social issues.  There are moderators who can provide real life experiences as gang members, drug addicts, etc… to run a day of exercises to show teenagers that everyone has problems and that they shouldn’t discriminate or otherwise victimize each other- kind of like the gym scene in Mean Girls.

Like I said- I applaud this and I do think that every school, however harmonious, should be subjected to something of this nature because teenagers are mean, selfish and narrow-minded by definition.  Hell, most adults are for that matter, but I do NOT feel right about MTV filming the tears and secrets of the stupid and vulnerable kids for distribution to the masses.  If you could think back to your high school days, unless you were some sort of freakishly normal person, I promise you that it kinda sucked.  The very nature of high school is that you throw together a bunch of hormonal, vulnerable, and troubled teenagers and expect them to play nicely.  Children don’t play nicely at any point in time!  There are any number of reasons why and a big one is that they are insecure and that gets taken out on one another when a mob mentality makes them think that others will like them better if they are saying “cool” mean things to someone weaker than they are.  As much as  I hate to say that a movie like “Mean Girls” had any point other than entertaining tweens- it really did.

Tolerance training has been a part of the developmental landscape since the Baby Boomers/Hippies took control of the world and they have got a good point.  We need to love our fellow human beings, we need to care about each other, we need to stop being afraid of things that are different, and we need to stop victimizing each other.  That is a really big thing and in the history of humanity it has never been done.  I guess that I’m not sure what good will be done by exposing these kids to a level of vulnerability they might not otherwise have had to face by broadcasting their issues and insecurities to a nationwide audience.  Yes, tears and hugs make for good television, but really?! 

I think that I’m done ranting for today.  My hope for MTV is that they will sponsor many more of these sessions, but not televise them.  It’s a wonderful thing to contribute to society for no better reason than heping each other and not to make money.  If MTV wants to make more money- maybe they should actually start to play music again instead of all of the god awful reality television shows that seem to make up their entire programing day.


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