Is This insensitive??

I have to say that I don’t understand the big deal about the ground zero mosque.  Reading this article from Lexington that was published in the Economist- yes, geek flag flying again (I LOVE THE ECONOMIST!!!)- I found myself agreeing with the statement that you would only truly be offended by the mosque if you blame Islam and not terrorists for 9/11.  I had a brainstorm the other day while having a think on this very topic and came up with an analogy- to blame Islam for the actions of terrorists is like blaming Christians for Slavery.  Does this mean that it’s insensitive to build a church in a site where the KKK used to lynch slaves?  That’s a little absurd.

If the group that is putting forth the initiative to build a community center in what sounds like a neighborhood with too many strip clubs- I can’t say that I have an issue with it.  The only thing that I would want to make sure of is that there is an understanding on the developers part that an extra amount of transparencies for their fund-raising is needed and that is being sensitive to the tragedy perpetrated by terrorists.


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