I had a dream last night …

Sooo, I had a weird dream last night.  It was probably fueled by lack of sleep over the past week and a combination of Zicam for my stuffy nose and nighttime sleep aid to knock me out.

Here’s what I remember- I was in an my apartment, but not my current one- not even one that I’ve lived in, and I was watching TV with Nicholas Cage.  Cage was drunk and trying to hit on me and not succeeding while a group of guys sat on the opposite couch glaring at me.  One of the guys was an ex of mine from middle school, but the group he was in looked like the guys from entourage.  I then had a friend of mine come into the room and pull me aside to yell at me for ignoring Mrs. Batty’s phone calls and that she really needed our help immediately.  She was upset that I didn’t agree to get in the car and drive to Mrs. Batty’s house and find out what was wrong.  I didn’t go because I had company over and I was upset that I never got to do the things that I enjoyed, but then everyone left the apartment and as I was about to leave, Brad Pitt shows up.  He was also upset and didn’t want to talk about it- so I didn’t ask, but he insisted upon cleaning the entirety of my apartment.  So he and I had a long, in-depth conversation while he was cleaning like my maid and then I woke up.

That’s it.  I did have A&E on the TV in the living room, but I have no idea where this one came from.  I’m accepting interpretations here.


3 thoughts on “I had a dream last night …

  1. Ansley says:

    I can see me in this dream. Lol!

  2. Simone Ludlow says:

    I just can’t figure out if you were represented by Brad Pitt though 😉

  3. Mrs. Batty says:

    Why the hell are you ignoring my phone calls?

    Please, please tell me Brad Pitt cleaned your apartment and talked while in the nude or wearingly only boxer briefs or something…

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