Another Dream

So I had another dream that stuck in my head the other night … if you can really call it a dream.  I was meditating before bed and I finally managed to get back to my meadow.  Let me do a little explanation first.

When I meditate, my ‘happy’ place is a lush green meadow that sits next to a stream surrounded by a dense forest.  There is a large flat rock in the middle- it’s a lovely place.  Anyway- for quite a while now I haven’t been able to get to this visualization when I meditate and it’s frustrated me to no end.  I’d stopped trying to be perfectly frank, but the other night, I thought that I’d give it a shot.  I put on my thunderstorm sounds to dull the parking lot outside of my apartment and began my deep breathing.

It took me a good while to find the clearing again, but once I was there, it was different than it had been.  Not in a bad way, but greener, like going from Kelly green to a Jade green and it was a little overgrown.  I was so happy to be there and I could feel myself relaxing for having accomplished this feat, then I saw someone else there.  I don’t know who I was seeing, but it was a man for all intents and purposes was a yellowish light- picture the aliens in Cocoon, but yellowish and glowy.

Obviously I was a little perturbed to find an invader, but I was also kind of happy for no reason, so I welcomed the man in.  For a little while, it was like we were doing a dual meditation with energy flowing between the two of us through the hands like a circle.  This was kind of cool and my tummy felt tingly, but then I lost the image and grudgingly came back to reality, like I was being dragged out of the relaxing place between consciously knowing that you are asleep and when you are happily unaware that you are dreaming. 

Once I forced my arms and legs to move, I went to sleep, but I was seeing that scene the entire next day.  Any thoughts from the brain trust as to what the interpretation of this dream should be?  I secretly think that it had to do with the egg and cheese biscuit I’d eaten that day, but who knows.  Analyse away!


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