More Dreams…

I had a strange dream the other morning.  It was one of those things that happens after you’ve first woken up and before you’ve fully woken up- for me, usually between the hours of 4am and 9am.

I had just moved out of my current apartment (I think) and my mother had given me an ultimatum that I would have to work for some vendor.  The setting is a bed and breakfast or farm, I’m not sure which, and I was in the staff kitchen.  It was one of those places where the staff live on property and though I’m not a member of the staff, I’m still living there so I’m going to assume that my mother is running the place.  I got the vibe of an 80’s summer vacation movie where the “gang” has to save a local business from closing, but ehh.

So I was in the kitchen and then I was rifling around in some straw and grabbing rats.  I’m really not sure what I was dreaming about, but it’s been stuck in my head for nearly a week now.  The last time that I had a dream that stuck with me this long and sat in my tummy like a lead weight was in 2003 and I had a horrible dream that my Grandmother was going to be hit by a taxi in London.  The feeling in my tummy didn’t go away until I was walking back to my mom’s house in London and I saw a poor old man who’d been hit by a taxi under the street lamp from my dream.

So, that begs the question- will I be thinking about this until I’m catching rats in a barn?  Who knows- it’s just weird.


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