My Thoughts on the Character that is Henry Rollins

I’ve always loved Henry Rollins.  He is a loud mouth S.O.B. who will tell you what he thinks regardless of who you are and what you could do to him.  This of course is a romanticized view of a celebrity that I’ve put together in my own twisted mind because- of course- I’ve never met the man.  I do believe that should I ever meet him and sit down to have a drink and some good conversation that I will be reduced to tears and that I’ll leave the meeting feeling that I’ve met a person who honestly wants to know why I might disagree with something he’s said.

I can’t deny that just watching this man makes me tired.  For a guy who’s just turned 50, he’s the freaking energizer bunny on speed!  I just watched an interview he did on Chelsea Lately and he said that he’s touring 9 months out of the year for his various projects and all I could think was- DAMN!  This is a man who epitomizes my youth and dare I say, could be the poster-boy for the entire population of Americans who grew up in the 80’s and 90’s.  Hell, Black Flag was stuck into the remake of Boy’s of Summer for crying out loud.

His mentioning that he was single did surprise me.  For a man with such a following, I imagined that he had found someone years ago and was raising a couple of teenagers, but it was a little heartening to know that even uber-successful workaholics can truly despise dating.  Granted, I really have no basis for comparison seeing as I am a true commitment phobe who (whether I want to believe it or not) grew up on Disney movies and can’t shake that idea that you’ll know love when you feel it.

Anyway- my hats are off to you Mr. Rollins.  Keep on talking, keep on pissing people off, and hopefully someone will follow your example and something could be accomplished instead of a bunch of monkeys blowing smoke up each others asses, which seems to be the status quo these days.


2 thoughts on “My Thoughts on the Character that is Henry Rollins

  1. Chris Dodds says:

    I went to see Henry earlier this year in Cincinnati and it was amazing. He is a ball of intensity and energy. I definitely got my money’s worth.

  2. Simone Ludlow says:

    I’m glad to know that my impression isn’t entirely wrong. I’ll definitely need to get a ticket the next time he’s in town 😀

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