The Sexy Nerd

I’m remembering my childhood and a little movie series titled ‘Revenge of the Nerds’.  Those boys were truly fashion victims with a severe lack of social skills.  Then there is every other archetypal ‘nerd’ that has been portrayed from Ducky in ‘Pretty in Pink’ to Spengler in ‘Ghostbusters’ all the way to the nerdy hotness of Conner Temple in ‘Primeval’.  The only reason that this is floating through my head is that I’ve spent the day catching up on my seasons of Primeval via streaming media since I neither live in the UK nor do I pay for BBC America.

When this show was first on TV, I really didn’t have any interest in it.  I am a big SciFi dork, and I love me some Dr. Who and anything Supernatural (especially Jensen Akles and Jared Padalecki), but I can safely say that because there were Dinosaurs involved- I had little to no interest.  THEN, the SyFy channel aired ‘Alice’ and I cannot lie- I developed a little crush on Andrew Lee Potts as the Hatter.  He’s not a typically hot guy, but there was something about the character, the look and his portrayal of it that made him kind of sexy to watch.  So, of course, I enjoyed the mini-series and continued to ignore Primeval.

Then, SyFy channel aired a marathon of Primeval on some random weekday when I didn’t need to work and I watched it.  I do blame that channel for many a wasted hours on some of the most horrible cinema and television ever filmed.  To my surprise, I did enjoy the show.  And as an added bonus- the little cutie from Alice was one of it’s stars 🙂  I enjoyed the nerdiness of the character.  There was an earnest sweetness about him and that does seem to be the type of character I’ve seen this actor play.  Who knows- maybe it’s type casting, maybe not, but it’s got me to thinking- has the nerd evolved?

I truly consider myself to be a nerd.  I am not a computer expert, I don’t go out very often, I like to hang out with a book (or my book) and drink coffee or read the news paper.  If I can, I like to watch the occasional Rugby match, but other than that- pretty much stay at home and mess with my cats, so I ask you- where have all of our 1980’s style nerds and dorks gone to?  It’s as though they’ve been replaced in popular culture with the quirkily handsome, but socially awkward guy who is supposed to be a dork.

I feel bad for all of the guys out there who see these television shows and think that they need to have a unique, hipster sense of style because I guarantee that were the character of Conner Temple real he’d look one of two ways- completely average and nondescript, or he’d be super skinny or pretty fat computer geek who is probably still a virgin.  So I say- hats off to you BBC for giving me some geeky eye-candy and hats off to all of the real and unrepresented nerds out there.  We can all pretend.


One thought on “The Sexy Nerd

  1. […] the role of the Hatter in SyFy’s “Alice”.  As I stated in my previous post about sexy nerds- he is one.  I like the fact that he plays to his strength by taking on characters with quirky […]

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