Silly Little Hipster…

I was listening to All Things Considered on NPR the other day and found myself laughing as they described a phenomena called the ‘slow internet movement’ in self describe hipster enclaves of the world.  Sadly- this wasn’t their April Fools Day story 🙂  I understand that people are looking for ways to slow the pace of life back down from a million miles per hour to a reasonable pace, but seriously?  How exactly is slowing down your internet browsing giving you back the many hours of your life wasted on the internet or in general?  So I ask- how would you take the rapid pace of reality and slow it down- or in other words- What are the many ways that you can think of to take time to smell the roses?

I did mean to go with an entirely clichéd phrase because I think that it’s important to note that from the time that man began to innovate, the relative speed of the world has been increasing.  Yes, it’s mostly perception, so why in the world would slowing down the amount of time it takes for you to load an email do anything more than force you to spend more time checking your email?!  In fact- with the wonderful world of the internet (sorry slow-internet fans, this will take a while) I’ve even found an e-how to guide on making time to smell the roses.  Enjoy!


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